About the process

Below are examples of the stages required to create my pieces:

Stage 1 - Achieving the shape

A finely thrown bowl is made by hand using porcelain.

Stage 2 - Forming the rim

The top section of the bowl is then brought out, and the bowl is removed from the wheel.

Stage 3 - Final shaping (1)

With the clay leather hard, the bowl is centred on the wheel ready for turning.

Stage 4 - Final shaping (2)

Using hand tools, the outside shape of the bowl is turned and formed.

Stage 5 - The finished shape

The bowl is left to dry, biscuit fired, then glazed using various techniques. A variety of my own glaze mixtures are used, each the end result of many glaze tests.

Typically, a cycle from start to finish takes a minimum of two weeks. Firing in small batches enables me to experiment more freely with a variety of shapes and glazes. By their own making every piece is unique but I always try to explore something different with each pot.